Checking in

I know it’s been rather quiet over here lately. I’ve been having some ridiculous technical problems both with my computer and my dvd player. The recap for The Naked Time will hopefully be up by Sunday evening, if the gods allow it.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on my script, A History of Hell, which is a behemoth. Seriously. It was supposed to be this three-act show about the same run time as Into the Woods and instead, it’s 188 pages long and getting longer. At this point, I just want to finish the darn thing so I can start chopping it to bits.

Happy Saturday. Go have a cookie on my behalf.


About alicegracey

Writer, Actor, Advice Nerd. At least, that's what it says on my business card these days. Mostly, I just write in order to try to get my brain to shut up. I like to share what I write, but be warned, I don't do happy.
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