End of Month Word Counts — March 2016

I’m going to officially say Stardate: Dammit is on hold until I find the motivation to spend several hours per each episode. I do want to get back to them, but between my various jobs and allergy season, I just don’t have the energy right now. Which is not the greatest excuse in the world, but it’s my reasoning right now. Honestly, when I try to work on it, I spend more time just trying to remain awake than focusing on why Nurse Chapel is a great example of a well written character.

Some new projects have been started this month, while others have been put on hold. And tonight, I’m auditioning for a local production of Mary Poppins, so I’ve been freaking out about that all month.


50 Shades of Batman (working title)
Plot Bunny: Reread the 50 Shades of Grey sporking at Jenny Trout’s blog while looking at the BvS Bruce Wayne/Batman pics on my own blog, resulting in want to write a better 50SoG with an older billionaire playboy and actually steamy sexy times and no domestic abuse/violence set in a post-apocalyptic world in which masked vigilantes and villains have been a thing since the 1930s.
Word Count: 0/50,00 — will begin tomorrow for an unofficial April NaNoWriMo project

Betrayal at the House on the Hill
Plot Bunny: Holy shit, I love the game Betrayal at the House on the Hill. I should totally write a play in which the audience chooses the haunt/ending!

Page count: 29/120   Currently on hold to rework plot with Vivienne.

Brigade Ship Intrepid: Maculatum
Plot Bunny: God, I love Star Trek. But I also love Dungeons and Dragons. And steampunk. Squish them together and add a character that’s like Bennett!
Word Count: 52,743/75,000

D&D Campaign
Plot Bunny: “Alice, Kim wants to learn how to play. Will you DM?” “Uhm… sure?”
Sessions Prepared: Prologue, beginning of Ch1

Plot Bunny: League of Extraordinary Gentleman was a fun movie. The graphic novel was better. You know what would be cool? Picking other characters from Victorian lit that aren’t as known/popular and shoving them all together, turn up the heat and then poke them with a stick.

Word Count: 37,589/30,000 — Currently in re-writes.  Currently on hold to protect my sanity from the bad first draft.

Funny Little Games
Plot Bunny: Hey, you know that musical you and Vivienne are working on about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson investigating the Jack the Ripper case? Do that, but better. Make Bennett an actual person, not a death vending machine. Also, improve the research; you know better.
Word Count: 42,751/100,000

The Haunted Mansion
Plot Bunny: The 2003 Eddie Murphy vehicle was awful. Make it better. Do the correct research.

Page Count: 40/120 Currently on hold for research and ride plot point decisions.

The Shadow’s Gate
Plot Bunny: Holy hell, this D&D campaign is way too interesting to not write down. Also, the accidental friendship between Bob’s Tiefling and my Drow was way too awesome to not share with the world. But, you know, change things to not violate copyright. Also, make sure you give the whole group additional writing credit.
Word Count: 13,743/75,000

Plot Bunny: While playing Skyrim, a werewolf character called me Tidbit and I adored it. Also, what if the end of the world wasn’t because of nuclear holocaust or zombie apocalypse but because of magic and Elves are a thing?
Word Count: 9,928/50,000

Tulgey Wood
Plot Bunny: Alice goes back to Wonderland and teams up with the Hatter and the White Knight to save the Princess of Hearts because she’s been kidnapped. But also make it a show for 8-14 year old kids.

Page Count: 27/120 Currently on hold for plotting and set design.

Untitled Bennett/Holmes AU
Plot Bunny: Take Bennett and Holmes and put them into new shenanigans and alter their continuity. Again. But this time, ignore Jack the Ripper.
Word Count: 40,077/60,000

Untitled Retired!Holmes
Plot Bunny: Take the Bennett/Holmes au, but make them semi-retired, add shenanigans.
Word Count: 2,439/60,000

Plot Bunny: The Salem Witch Hysteria was a really important and interesting blot on America’s history. Let’s tell that story using a fictional town, but also actual evidence against the witches. May or may not actually show interrogation torture tactics.
Page Count: 32/120 Currently on hold for research.

Plot Bunny: So… Alice’s Adventures Underground and Through the Looking Glass are fun. But what if other people were able to travel to Wonderland and only Alice was able to have her story written down? Now have the heroine be contemporary and, like, the Hatter’s BFF.
Word Count: 17,183/75,000

And now I’m off to prepare some more for my audition. I will be freaking out about this until the cast list is posted.


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