50 Shades of Batman — Day 1

So I mentioned a new project in yesterday’s End of Month Word Counts that I technically hadn’t started yet. Kait and I spent a lot of time discussing how awful 50SoG is (as well as other awful things that are popular and how we don’t understand it) and how perfectly sexy Ben Affleck was in BvS (though she’s never seen the movie, she has been subject to a pics onslaught from me). And because I’m a horrible person, the combination of the two subjects melded into a Thing in my brain and became a Plot Bunny Extraordinaire.

Like so:


And then the next morning:


And then yesterday morning, as I was mulling over the Plot Bunny Extraordinaire while I washed my hair, I decided that since April is 30 days long, I may as well use 50 Shades of Batman as an unofficial NaNoWriMo project.

So I will be attempting to get 50,000 words written on this plot bunny in 30 days and we’ll see how far I get with it. For now, I’ll be putting all other projects on hold, except the D&D campaign because other people are counting on me with that one. I just want to focus on this and do the best I can getting the words on the page.

This isn’t going to be fanfic, btw. The only reason it’s called 50 Shades of Batman is because of what inspired it and a few plot elements. Like the sexy billionaire and the fact that it’s set in my Masked Vigilantes/Villains world.

As of this writing, I’ve got 858/50,000 words written because D&D night went a little sideways on us today (I accidentally tortured an NPC to death). I’ll post every few days with an updated word count to keep me accountable for it.


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