50 Shades of Batman — Day 10

50 Shades Banner

Isn’t it pretty? I’m not totally sold on that font, though.

These 30 Day Challenges are more of an experiment in finding new and thrilling ways to not write and that makes me sad. But it’s an interesting look at how my brain works, I guess?


My sister had her spring break this week, so I spent time hanging out with her and lecturing her on how she needs to actually sit down with me and watch the various Batman films and tv shows so she truly understands where I’m coming from when I tell her that Batman is better than Captain America (and I know Kait will kill me for that one, too; I love you, darling).

Day 7 was beach day, and then I cuddled with the still-tired Finnley on Day 8. Day 9, we went to a street fair in the next county and then today, Day 10, I decided to stay up way later than I should have to get those words down.

Tomorrow I plan to spend the day at Starbucks ingesting way too much caffeine in an attempt to catch up. I’m currently 1,577 words short of my goal and I’m afraid that if I don’t way overshoot tomorrow’s goal of 1,667 for the day that I’m never going to catch up. So we’ll see what I’ll accomplish with the distractions of my awesome barista bros to chat with instead of just doing my job.


About alicegracey

Writer, Actor, Advice Nerd. At least, that's what it says on my business card these days. Mostly, I just write in order to try to get my brain to shut up. I like to share what I write, but be warned, I don't do happy.
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