50 Shades of Batman — Day 25

50 Shades Banner

So I’ve been writing this weekend, but it wasn’t 50 Shades of Batman, which is incredibly annoying. And I’m blaming it all on Travis. Because he asked me to get him my character’s background for D&D. Which makes me nervous because she’s a Drow and we recently found a town being attacked by Drow every night. So while an entire town of NPCs don’t trust me, I’m terrified that we’re going to run into my family or their allies.


Almost done with the month, but nowhere near done with my plot. But I’m nearly done with Idgie’s background and working on the novelization of our current campaign, which I’m sure everyone is excited about, right?


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Writer, Actor, Advice Nerd. At least, that's what it says on my business card these days. Mostly, I just write in order to try to get my brain to shut up. I like to share what I write, but be warned, I don't do happy.
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