50 Shades of Batman — Day 30

50 Shades Banner

Whelp. Yeah, there’s nothing for it.




Want to know what happens when you encourage me to think about my character development in D&D? That happens. That right up there. I get distracted and forget to work on the stuff I’ve committed to. On the plus side, Idgie’s getting well-rounded and I’m pretty happy with where she’s going. Still waiting to hear back from Travis regarding some upcoming character development, though to be fair, I did send him a novel of a text this morning.

And I’m also figuring out if I want to post my novelization of our campaigns here. If I do, and you have to know I’m tremendously tempted to do this, I’ll probably start with The Girdled Lance because we made a fabulous cock up of Baldur’s Gate and I find it horrifically embarrassing.

I’m writing it up anyway, I may as well. And since our sessions will be few and far between for a while because life is awful like that, I’ll try to post each session as I’ve got it written.

Who wants to make a banner for it? Our Adventuring Party is called the Heroes of the Wide and exactly none of us deserve the title.


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Writer, Actor, Advice Nerd. At least, that's what it says on my business card these days. Mostly, I just write in order to try to get my brain to shut up. I like to share what I write, but be warned, I don't do happy.
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