Heroes of the Wide

The Adventuring Party in question consists of an eclectic assortment of PCs, played by an equally odd collection of players. Alphabetically by character, they are:

Ariarellennial (“Ari”), a female Moon Elf Blade Singer (Wizard); Player: Chase
Brian, a male Half-Elf Bard; Player: Colleen
Casek, a male Human Barbarian Outlander; Player: Liz
Dectus, a female Tiefling Warlock; Player: Bob
Idgie Sparks, a female Drow Rogue; Player: Alice (aka, me)
Nalili Haona Druherhadurtek, a female Mountain Dwarf Ranger; Player: Mari
Opoof, a male Human Druid; Player: David

With Travis as our long-suffering Dungeon Master, we get into a variety of misadventures when we’re meant to be helping NPCs-in-Need.


While attempting to save Baldur’s Gate, we earned the title of Heroes of the Wide and not a single one of us actually deserves the honorific, but that isn’t stopping us from claiming it.

The Girdled Lance
After failing to save Baldur’s Gate from the Bal-Spawn that clearly plagues it, our intrepid Heroes of the Wide fled the city for the inviting deck of the Girdled Lance, a merchant ship that offered us passage “away from Baldur’s Gate.” We had been recruited by a sailor called Giles, who can dual-wield short swords and had been initially represented by a snail figure during our first encounter with him. Two PCs, notably Dectus and Idgie, had accidentally killed a citizen of Baldur’s Gate during an intensive interrogation and the decision to leave the city had been made for us by the death screams of the poor man who was sawed in half by a powder.

8 April 2016
15 April 2016
23 April 2016

Things having not gone exactly to plan aboard the Girdled Lance, the Heroes of the Wide found themselves in what once was a thriving Elven city. There they will face prejudice, perpetually drunk Dwarves, and underground-dwelling fish-guys.

23 April 2016
30 April 2016