50 Shades of Batman — Day 1

So I mentioned a new project in yesterday’s End of Month Word Counts that I technically hadn’t started yet. Kait and I spent a lot of time discussing how awful 50SoG is (as well as other awful things that are popular and how we don’t understand it) and how perfectly sexy Ben Affleck was in BvS (though she’s never seen the movie, she has been subject to a pics onslaught from me). And because I’m a horrible person, the combination of the two subjects melded into a Thing in my brain and became a Plot Bunny Extraordinaire.

Like so:


And then the next morning:


And then yesterday morning, as I was mulling over the Plot Bunny Extraordinaire while I washed my hair, I decided that since April is 30 days long, I may as well use 50 Shades of Batman as an unofficial NaNoWriMo project.

So I will be attempting to get 50,000 words written on this plot bunny in 30 days and we’ll see how far I get with it. For now, I’ll be putting all other projects on hold, except the D&D campaign because other people are counting on me with that one. I just want to focus on this and do the best I can getting the words on the page.

This isn’t going to be fanfic, btw. The only reason it’s called 50 Shades of Batman is because of what inspired it and a few plot elements. Like the sexy billionaire and the fact that it’s set in my Masked Vigilantes/Villains world.

As of this writing, I’ve got 858/50,000 words written because D&D night went a little sideways on us today (I accidentally tortured an NPC to death). I’ll post every few days with an updated word count to keep me accountable for it.

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End of Month Word Counts — March 2016

I’m going to officially say Stardate: Dammit is on hold until I find the motivation to spend several hours per each episode. I do want to get back to them, but between my various jobs and allergy season, I just don’t have the energy right now. Which is not the greatest excuse in the world, but it’s my reasoning right now. Honestly, when I try to work on it, I spend more time just trying to remain awake than focusing on why Nurse Chapel is a great example of a well written character.

Some new projects have been started this month, while others have been put on hold. And tonight, I’m auditioning for a local production of Mary Poppins, so I’ve been freaking out about that all month.


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Who wants spoilers? Because I have BvS feelings.

I just got back from seeing Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice with my comic book nerd family. I had my little sister on my left, squeezing my hand for nearly 3 hours, and my dad on my right giving me knucks whenever we caught a subtle comic nod. Or, y’know, when Wonder Woman and Aquaman made their on-screen debuts.

It’s always a lot of fun going to the comic movies with my dad since he’s the one who hand-picked issues for me when I was a kid to introduce me to the various characters without exposing me to the weird sexual thing the industry is plagued with. My siblings didn’t have the same exposure to comics I did, seeing as they didn’t read the print books. Also, they don’t borrow (with what is essentially a be-careful-with-that-or-you’re-grounded-for-the-rest-of-eternity contract signed in blood) his compilation books. My favorite is Kingdom Come, because holy shit, that art. Also, Batman.


Ngh, that art.

So all of the reviews I read were not particularly favorable. And as a person that grew up with these characters and not a film critic, I wanted to throw my two cents out into the internet and kinda work through my feelings regarding it. Because I don’t think it was as bad as all those critics thought, but there is something about it I didn’t care for and I can’t put my finger on it just yet.

Spoilers after the cut.


This post is not just an excuse to plaster photos of attractive people all over my blog, no. Why do you ask?

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End of Month Word Counts — February 2016

February was even less productive than January this time. Still no Stardate: Dammit, though I did attempt to start. But I didn’t get any farther than copy/pasting the list of things to find in the ep. I watched the episode while working on this:


rag quilts are adorable and snuggly

And that’s the main reason why I’ve done practically no writing done. On the plus side, it’ll be finished up tomorrow-ish once I pick up another spool of thread because I be empty.

On to the word and page counts! They haven’t changed much.

Betrayal at the House on the Hill
Plot Bunny: Holy shit, I love the game Betrayal at the House on the Hill. I should totally write a play in which the audience chooses the haunt/ending!
Page count: 29/120

Brigade Ship Intrepid: Maculatum
Plot Bunny: God, I love Star Trek. But I also love Dungeons and Dragons. And steampunk. Squish them together and add a character that’s like Bennett!
Word Count: 52,743/75,000

Plot Bunny: League of Extraordinary Gentleman was a fun movie. The graphic novel was better. You know what would be cool? Picking other characters from Victorian lit that aren’t as known/popular and shoving them all together, turn up the heat and then poke them with a stick.
Word Count: 37,589/30,000 — Currently in re-writes.

Funny Little Games
Plot Bunny: Hey, you know that musical you and Vivienne are working on about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson investigating the Jack the Ripper case? Do that, but better. Make Bennett an actual person, not a death vending machine. Also, improve the research; you know better.
Word Count: 42,751/100,000

The Haunted Mansion
Plot Bunny: The 2003 Eddie Murphy vehicle was awful. Make it better. Do the correct research.
Page Count: 40/120

The Shadow’s Gate
Plot Bunny: Holy hell, this D&D campaign is way too interesting to not write down. Also, the accidental friendship between Bob’s Tiefling and my Drow was way too awesome to not share with the world. But, you know, change things to not violate copyright. Also, make sure you give the whole group additional writing credit.
Word Count: 13,743/75,000

Plot Bunny: While playing Skyrim, a werewolf character called me Tidbit and I adored it. Also, what if the end of the world wasn’t because of nuclear holocaust or zombie apocalypse but because of magic and Elves are a thing?
Word Count: 9,928/50,000

Tulgey Wood
Plot Bunny: Alice goes back to Wonderland and teams up with the Hatter and the White Knight to save the Princess of Hearts because she’s been kidnapped. But also make it a show for 8-14 year old kids.
Page Count: 27/120

Untitled Bennett/Holmes AU
Plot Bunny: Take Bennett and Holmes and put them into new shenanigans and alter their continuity. Again. But this time, ignore Jack the Ripper.
Word Count: 40,077/60,000

Untitled Retired!Holmes
Plot Bunny: Take the Bennett/Holmes au, but make them semi-retired, add shenanigans.
Word Count: 2,439/60,000

Plot Bunny: The Salem Witch Hysteria was a really important and interesting blot on America’s history. Let’s tell that story using a fictional town, but also actual evidence against the witches. May or may not actually show interrogation torture tactics.
Page Count: 32/120

Plot Bunny: So… Alice’s Adventures Underground and Through the Looking Glass are fun. But what if other people were able to travel to Wonderland and only Alice was able to have her story written down? Now have the heroine be contemporary and, like, the Hatter’s BFF.
Word Count: 17,183/75,000


I’m also playing this a lot. I have no actual excuses this time, just a lot of weak ones.

See you in March!

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A Witch In The Family

Right now, I’m working on a play that takes advantage of the Salem Witch Hysteria of 1692 (in a purely thematic sense, I assure you) and a few years ago, my aunt had found that we’re direct descendants of an accused witch, Mary Clements Osgood. So we did a little digging a while ago with a website, I think relativefinder.org (via Family Search and BYU Family History Tech Lab), which helps you find out which famous people you’re related to, mainly through common ancestors (you wouldn’t believe how many signers of the Declaration we’re distantly related to because our family came over on the Mayflower and other very early immigration voyages). My only complaint about relativefinder.org is that you need an account with Family Search and to register for one, you need to be a member of the LDS Church? I’m not sure; I was using my mom’s account information.

Anyway, we found out that we’re related to more people involved in the Salem Witch Hysteria than just Mary. The complete list is full of interesting people:

Martha Ingalls Allen Carrier – hanged August 19 1692

Samuel Wardell – hanged September 22 1692

Susannah North Martin – hanged July 19 1692

Abigail Dane Faulkner – found guilty, pardoned

Rebecca Blake Eames – pled guilty, pardoned

Deliverance Hazelton Dane – accused, imprisoned, later released

Mary Clements Osgood – accused, imprisoned, later released

Elizabeth Hutchinson Hart – accused, imprisoned, later released

Edward Bishop – indicted, imprisoned, escaped

William Stoughton – chief justice

Nicholas Noyes – judge

Samuel E. Sewall – judge

William Griggs – doctor who examined the “afflicted” girls

Thomas Brattle – merchant of Salem Town, protested trials and wrote petitions

Mary Wolcott – one of the “afflicted” girls who accused the victims

Susannah Sheldon – one of the “afflicted” girls who accused the victims

Nathaniel Saltonstall – appointed Associate Magistrate

It actually surprised me how varied the different positions they all held during the Panic. I didn’t expect to be related to the witches and the people who tried them or accused them. And from a detached, historian point of view, I don’t condemn anyone involved in the Panic. It was a part of their culture that was tragically blown way out of proportion.

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The Inside of My Brain is Weird

I recently was able to transfer the files from my old, retired and dead laptop (Reginald3) onto my current one (Reginald4) and so I’ve been going through them veeeeeeeeeeeery slowly. But I have to have something on in the background to keep me focused and Netflix has been super helpful in that. And the following screencap is sorta a pic of the inside of my brain these days:


Netflix, robots, writing.

Simple, but weird.

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End of Month Word Counts — January 2016

Okay, so I didn’t get around to writing a Stardate: Dammit for January, mostly because I couldn’t get myself to focus on the same thing for seven hours and also I was distracted by seeing people who don’t live in central California. Instead, I’m going to keep you updated on my various projects word-or-page counts (depending on the project, obvi) and hopefully get that posted on the last day of each month.

But first! This is Finnley:


I will never understand how this position is comfortable.

He’s a mini Schanuzer and he’s my writing buddy. But he’s a doggie, so he thinks writing is boring and therefore he keeps me company usually by sleeping on me.

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