50 Shades of Batman — Day 30

50 Shades Banner

Whelp. Yeah, there’s nothing for it.




Want to know what happens when you encourage me to think about my character development in D&D? That happens. That right up there. I get distracted and forget to work on the stuff I’ve committed to. On the plus side, Idgie’s getting well-rounded and I’m pretty happy with where she’s going. Still waiting to hear back from Travis regarding some upcoming character development, though to be fair, I did send him a novel of a text this morning.

And I’m also figuring out if I want to post my novelization of our campaigns here. If I do, and you have to know I’m tremendously tempted to do this, I’ll probably start with The Girdled Lance because we made a fabulous cock up of Baldur’s Gate and I find it horrifically embarrassing.

I’m writing it up anyway, I may as well. And since our sessions will be few and far between for a while because life is awful like that, I’ll try to post each session as I’ve got it written.

Who wants to make a banner for it? Our Adventuring Party is called the Heroes of the Wide and exactly none of us deserve the title.

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50 Shades of Batman — Day 25

50 Shades Banner

So I’ve been writing this weekend, but it wasn’t 50 Shades of Batman, which is incredibly annoying. And I’m blaming it all on Travis. Because he asked me to get him my character’s background for D&D. Which makes me nervous because she’s a Drow and we recently found a town being attacked by Drow every night. So while an entire town of NPCs don’t trust me, I’m terrified that we’re going to run into my family or their allies.


Almost done with the month, but nowhere near done with my plot. But I’m nearly done with Idgie’s background and working on the novelization of our current campaign, which I’m sure everyone is excited about, right?

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50 Shades of Batman — Day 20

50 Shades Banner

This is my brain…

So this week sucked for productivity. In my defense, Days 16-18 were victims of me being just plain uninspired and Days 18-20  were victims of the muscle spasm in my lower back (and today, still, which sucks cheese, btw), and Day 20 was riddled with food poisoning and so I couldn’t focus on writing in between bending over the toilet.


And while I still have that stupid spasm in my lower back, I’m not on painkillers anymore so I’m hoping that will help with productivity today and the rest of the month. Of course, as of this writing, it’s nearly 4pm and this post is all I’ve written today. I had a late start to the day in general because of being up late with food poisoning last night. This doesn’t change how frustrated I’ve been feeling this week. I can only hope that I can regain my focus and momentum this weekend.

dad bod Affleck

…and this is my brain on shit loads of painkillers and muscle relaxants.

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50 Shade of Batman — Day 15

50 Shades Banner

So this week was weird as far as productivity. I think I’m most productive when I’m up to my eyes in coffee and headphones and taking over the study table at my favorite Starbucks. You’ll notice the days I was at home, I wrote less than 300 words. Mostly because I was napping with Mr. Fluffy Finnley Dog.


But I’m making progress and I’m halfway there and I’m so pleased.

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50 Shades of Batman — A Comment from Kait

So Kait finally read my Day 10 update because I linked her to the banner and she reacted precisely how I expected her to:


Gotta love that girl.

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50 Shades of Batman — Day 10

50 Shades Banner

Isn’t it pretty? I’m not totally sold on that font, though.

These 30 Day Challenges are more of an experiment in finding new and thrilling ways to not write and that makes me sad. But it’s an interesting look at how my brain works, I guess?


My sister had her spring break this week, so I spent time hanging out with her and lecturing her on how she needs to actually sit down with me and watch the various Batman films and tv shows so she truly understands where I’m coming from when I tell her that Batman is better than Captain America (and I know Kait will kill me for that one, too; I love you, darling).

Day 7 was beach day, and then I cuddled with the still-tired Finnley on Day 8. Day 9, we went to a street fair in the next county and then today, Day 10, I decided to stay up way later than I should have to get those words down.

Tomorrow I plan to spend the day at Starbucks ingesting way too much caffeine in an attempt to catch up. I’m currently 1,577 words short of my goal and I’m afraid that if I don’t way overshoot tomorrow’s goal of 1,667 for the day that I’m never going to catch up. So we’ll see what I’ll accomplish with the distractions of my awesome barista bros to chat with instead of just doing my job.

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50 Shades of Batman — Day 5

Some day, I’ll procrastinate by making a header image for these posts. Today, I procrastinated by reading Order of the Stick.


On April 1st, I procrastinated by making this word count log document thingie. Tomorrow, I’ll find new and exciting ways to procrastinate while I wait to go procrastinate at the beach on Thursday. I’ll check back in on the 10th with a new report of fun procrastination tactics. And probably a header image.

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